Commercial Roofing & Roof Replacement in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA & surrounding areas

United Exteriors has extensive commercial and multi-family roofing experience. We have executed thousands of projects, all of which have been completed on time and within budget. Our crews are trained to handle projects safely and without disruption to tenants. Our experienced roofing professional will meet with you and provide a comprehensive roof assessment and proposal at no cost. We are an experienced roofing company and will provide roofing solutions to help you make a decision confidently to protect property.

We offer a premium selection of roofing products for the following roof types:

Shingle Roofs


  • Classic 3-Tab
        Owens Corning® Classic 3-Tab shingles are the smart choice when you need to balance curb appeal, weather resistance and value.
  • Architectural
        Owens Corning® Architectural shingles are formulated to provide greater contrast and dimension to any roof.
  • Luxury
        Owens Corning® Luxury shingles make a unique and elegant statement with thickness, proportion and color choices reminiscent of natural slate.




Flat and Low-Slope Roofs




  • TPO Fully Adhered
        Mule-hide® Fully Adhered roofs are recommended for buildings in locations with specific needs such as protection against high winds.
  • TPO Mechanically Fastened
        Mule-hide® Mechanically Fastened roofs are the most common roof systems.




Aluminum and Steel Roofs






  • Standing Seam
        A popular roofing system that performs well on all designs and styles of homes.
  • Custom Pans
        A strong and versatile system.
  • Coping
        A superior and efficient design that allows for ease of installation.




We are proud of our hard-earned and long-standing relationships with many reputable suppliers. These relationships give us the ability to provide you options to you for the best roofing materials for your property. We stand behind the products we offer and guarantee reliable and long-lasting results. For information on warranties offered, please ask one of our representatives.